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Alagoas – Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort

Alagoas – Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort

Imagine a private sanctuary, with tranquility and balance, where the smallest details have been lovingly outlined so you can just enjoy

Alagoas – Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort

Born to win over travelers seeking private retreats, Kenoa Beach Spa Resort is a space embraced by the native forest and the Atlantic Ocean that differentiates itself by offering each guest a refined experience in the midst of nature. Located in Barra de São Miguel in Alagoas, the resort defines itself as eco-chic and focuses on bringing together luxurious services in a naturally privileged area that includes the view of the beaches of Gunga and Barra de São Miguel, and a horizon of small mountains. Gunga Beach, by the way, is an idyllic place with the crystalline sea on one side and Lagoa do Roteiro on the other. In the center, the vastness of beautiful coconut trees.

Within the resort, tourists have at their disposal accommodations that exceeded the most demanding expectations, as is the case of Kenoa Villa, which covers an area of ​​200 square meters, in which distinguish the sober decoration in harmony with the pool border infinity and water heated with solar energy, dining room, internal and external living room, bedroom, closet, bathroom with internal garden and hot tub. Irrevocable, the villa is still composed of lookout and wine cellar. With a small proportion, the Araxá Suites is a place of compact glamor, however, in its 63 square meters it is able to enchant with its face to the sea, in addition to balcony and hot tub.

In such an impeccable corner, a spa that is up to par, Caudalie signature, Kenoa does not disappoint with massage options, rituals and relaxing therapies in keeping with special aromas. The refreshing quality of the ingredients chosen by chef César Santos completes the sensory experience after spa, taking to the table of the starry Kaamo Restaurant dishes based on seafood, vegetables and local products. To guests are also offered the invitation to visit the Wine Bar to choose a wine to relax or to accompany the meal.

Away from the suites, guests have relaxed hours by the mouth of the San Francisco River, trails and waterfalls. Or to immerse yourself in the delicious Alagoas vibe, the suggestion is to take a horseback ride along the beach and watch the sunset on the pontoon next to the rendeiras. The Kenoa can also arrange boat trips through the lagoons and deserted beaches, or a visit to the oyster farms with tasting.