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Alagoas – Pousada do Toque

Alagoas – Pousada do Toque

A simple fisherman’s village that, until a short time ago, slept in the calm waters and the sound of the coconut swaying

Alagoas – Pousada do Toque

The Brazilian northeast is undoubtedly one of the most naturally rich regions of the country, with a spectacular coastal stretch and the liveliness of an Atlantic Forest that never tires of displaying its diversity. If in the outside area the exquisite makes the visitors are speechless, when you enter in places like Pousada do Toque, in Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas, you just surrender to such perfection. Surrounded by thousands of coconut palms on a practically deserted beach, the Pousada do Toque is a haven of peace and pampering spread throughout its 17 accommodations.

Facing a sea of ​​Caribbean tones, the accommodation takes on dreamlike contours in suites such as Bem Te Vi, which in an area of ​​160 square meters houses refinement in the private pool, home theater, goose feather pillows, whirlpool and deck and sauna. A bit more compact – 110 square meters – the Toque suite retains a homey feel, with its wooden deck leading to the private pool, and contemporary decor featuring marble, stone, wicker and wood. Ideal for those who want to disconnect from the world, the Garden Suite is a dream, with a garden bathtub, in an organic and balanced space.

With décor harmonized with native vegetation, Pousada do Toque is punctual in all directions, however, all the buzz is concentrated in the pool, facing the waters of the sea of ​​São Miguel dos Milagres. Between gazebos and sun loungers, life runs slowly, watching the movement of the coconut trees or dreaming of the next visit there in the hammock. Under the command of chef Nilo, Pousada do Toque’s restaurant invests in creations that honor the northeastern ingredients – couscous, tapioca, fruits – in harmony with fresh vegetables, fish and seafood. From breakfast to dinner, the point is to allow the palate to enjoy new bursts of flavors. The quality of seafood, by the way, contributed to the creation of a sushi bar.

The structure of the Pousada is grand and intimate, allowing you to invite guests to the tennis court, lounge, DVDTeca, wine cellar and spa. Outside, São Miguel dos Milagres is certainly a special region, the favorite among travelers for conserving natural pools, reefs and some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, such as Tatuamunha, Patacho, Toque and the central beach of Miguel dos Milagres. As you walk around, bring every detail into your memory and allow for a surreal experience on the Tatuamunha River, which has a manatee conservation unit.