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Amazonas – Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Amazonas – Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is the first jungle hotel to combine the exotic and rustic beauty of the Amazon rainforest

Amazonas – Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Traveling to the heart of the Amazon rainforest is a decision that brings happiness every second. Discovering the riches of wildlife in your habitat is an experience of grace, which emphasizes the power of the natural environment. Secular trees, the singing of birds, the zigzag of the river, the rays of sun that invade the room. All conquers, calms. When you are in the Anavilhanas National Park, on the banks of the Rio Negro, it is possible to glimpse how rich Brazilian nature is, and this is the sensation that Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge wishes to take to the interior of its 22 jungle lodge.

If outside, the jungle feel is authentic, inside the Anavilhanas Jungle seeks to put the guest in the middle of the forest, betting on glass-enclosed panoramic bungalows overlooking the treetops. It is as if the giant trees were within walking distance of a touch. Standing on the ground, on the other hand, does not take away the exquisite elements that cover each bungalow, wooden ceiling case, modern furniture, plus king size double bed and large balcony with hammocks and living room . The chalets are not panoramic, however the comfort of king size beds and the amazing view of the Amazon Rainforest are memorable.

If the rooms lead to relaxation, the other areas of the Anavilhanas Jungle have been specially designed to lead guests to discoveries. From breakfast to dinner, the ingredients of the forest take over the table, using cupuaçu, jambu, tacacá, pirarucu, tambaqui, tucumã, açaí, tapioca, chestnuts and guaraná. Far from there, the surroundings of Anavilhanas reserve varied sublime moments, such as the tour of the Caves of Madadá, which includes navigation on the Rio Negro and hiking through rock formations to a picnic gazebo. Another suggestion is to learn about bow and arrow techniques with original Waimiri-Atroari artifacts.

To feel the vibrancy of the Amazon, the best choice is canoeing by the igapós and igarapés in canoes caboclas made of wood and with capacity for two people. Throughout the paddles, the native forest is being revealed, and travelers are conquered by the heart of the forest.