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Bahia – Uxua Casa Hotel

Bahia – Uxua Casa Hotel

The hotel UXUA Casa has ten distinct houses, which harmoniously blend with the historical center of Trancoso

Bahia – Uxua Casa Hotel

A trip that walks along a path of authenticity, from check in to check out. Designed in a solo of unique experiences, the Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa differs from all levels of lodging, creating an exclusive profile space, made for the traveler who believes in interaction with the natural environment. Located in Quadrado, one of the most acclaimed and beautiful addresses of Trancoso, in Bahia, the hotel embraces a village of houses with more than 500 years of history, in a section free of cars and protected by Unesco. Each house a singularity, a history and a collaboration between artisans from Bahia and the Dutch designer Wilbert Das. The result is a rustic setting with five star luxury.

With 80 square meters, the Casa Quintal da Glória welcomes its travelers with a large porch and gardens, and reserves inside, a suite with high ceilings, and furniture, decoration, lighting and organic accessories signed by the designer Wilbert Das, made to the hand by native artisans, from fishermen to Pataxó Indians. With a privileged landscape of the Square, Casa Seu Pedrinho displays in its 135 square meters, a suite with bed and canopy, living room, dining room, bar and a private garden. When it seems that it is no longer possible to be surprised, Casa Eugênia has 228 square meters and has two suites, private swimming pool with lounge, living room, integrated kitchen with outdoor area and a sumptuous terrace overlooking the garden.

With an organic decoration flowing throughout its length, the Uxua sought influences on the Pataxó Indians, the slaves and the hippies to erect their Spa, converted into a true temple of biodiversity. Around here, the star is almesca, a tree that produces a powerful resin, which has turned into the spa’s visiting card, joining the line of homemade products made with coconut, shea butter, Brazilian nuts, pitanga and assorted fruits, seeds of pink pepper, fresh palm oil and dark cocoa produced in the Uxua garden. Among the most requested therapies are the relaxing massage with musk oil, treatment of skin repair after exposure to the sun with fresh coconut oil extra virgin and facial skin cleansing with Bahia cocoa.

In these beloved surroundings among artists and personalities from around the world, the traveler divides the time between the beaches of grandiose beauty, such as Barra do Rio Trancoso, the closest to Quadrado, the Rio da Barra, which reflects the encounter of the river with the sea, and Praia dos Nativos, ideal for kitesurfers and windsurfers, lined with mangroves and coconut palms. Consolidating its brand under the seal of authenticity, the Uxua includes in its portfolio capoeira classes, yoga and pilates sessions and forró classes, while in the hotel pool, 40 thousand green quartz – natives of Bahia – wait to promote a bath between the most therapeutic minerals in the world.