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A destination that reflects all the best dreams of those who love ecotourism


A destination that reflects all the best dreams of those who love ecotourism. Designed with the best predicates of nature, Jalapão is a Brazilian jewel delimited by untouched scenery, ideal for those who see in nature the stage for great experiences. Main attraction of Tocantins, the region – accessible by car from the capital Palmas – spreads over 34 thousand square kilometers, a place for waterfalls, fervedoros, dunes, chapadões and crystalline pools, in a tireless parade of beauties to be appreciated along of the cities of Novo Acuerdo, Ponte Alta do Tocantins, Mateiros and São Félix do Tocantins. As it moves away from the capital of Tocantins, the scenarios are transforming together, inviting an adventure surrounded by rusticity, in this way, the asphalt passes to roads, and the simple traces of urbanity, such as signs, are behind.

Here, the first big tip is to use the services of local guides and cars with 4×4 traction, since the alleys outside and inside the Jalapão State Park are difficult to reach and the soil is quite sandy, which, if wet, makes it difficult the whole tour. In the interior of the Park – an area that embraces five conservation units near Mateiros – the feeling is full, facing the options that nature puts before the eyes, in the case of the Jalapão Dunes, which present themselves in splendor in partnership with Serra of the Holy Spirit.

Getting to the top of the dunes to accompany the sunset is one of the best memories of this way, added to the beauty of the view that is from the top of the mountain. On the way from Mateiros to São Felix, another type of oasis typical of Jalapão appears in the scene, with the arrival of the fervors: natural pools that form from the water that flows in the sand. Among the most celebrated here, the Bela Vista Fervedouro is a kind of experience to be experienced, after all, the diving in this postcard surrenders the natural sensation of floating in waters beyond crystal clear, surrounded by wild forest and a perfect deck for photos . With 15 meters of diameter, the swimming pool helped to popularize the Jalapão, however, there are more options of fervors in the region, like the Rosemary, the Sono River, Korubo, Buritis, Ceiça, among others.

The green-blue shade of the Formiga Waterfall is almost indescribable, and without a doubt it is obligatory to come here to have fun with friends, relax the skin under the waterfall and still calm the heat that dominates the body. Talking about charms in the surroundings of Jalapão is always a challenge, since all the different senses point to different surprises, yet the Cachoeira da Velha is considered the most beautiful here, ideal for rafting. The Falls of Cachoeira da Velha – the largest of the entire Jalapão State Park, about 20 meters high – form a kind of veil, and adventurers find a memorable setting for the excitement of rafting.

Like the fervidouros, the waterfalls multiply in great numbers in this contour, and in different routes, the traveler is taken to the encounter with small paradises, in case of the Waterfall of the Lajeado, the Waterfall of the Araras, the Waterfall Slips Monkey and the Canyon of the Sussuapara. Still in the proximity of Cachoeira da Velha, it is a must to stop at Rio Novo Beach, which offers stretches of sand bathed by drinking water. The landscape and the opportunity to dive into clean water will make the traveler want to stay forever. Before returning home, two other stops are essential: the first in the town of Mumbuca, which is distinguished by the production of handicrafts based on the golden grass, forming bracelets, earrings, necklaces and decorative items.
The second – about 35 km from the Tocantins High Bridge – in Pedra Furada, a rock formation that after eroding acquired the peculiar shape, yielding spectacular photographs and a sunset beyond memorable. For travelers with blood adventure, there is no way to resist the charms of Jalapão.