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Pernambuco – Pousada Teju Açu

Pernambuco – Pousada Teju Açu

Surrounded by native vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, its bold architectural design predicted the least interference in the soil

Pernambuco – Pousada Teju Açu

Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco, is a paradise of expressive beauties. Every inch of the region is covered by a natural predicative, whether native forest or a drop of crystalline sea. Present in a recurring way in most of the lists that list the most beautiful beaches in the world, the destination is an address for the Eco Pousada Teju-Açu that sought a harmonic place to the natural splendor of Boldró, resulting in an exquisite refuge. The light and fascinating atmosphere that hangs around here conspires for the inn to be witness to vacations and relaxing getaways, as well as marriages surrounded by perfection. Teju-Açu has infrastructure – ceremonial, photographers, decorators, buffet – and takes to the beach a sensitive ceremony with Morro Dois Irmãos in the background.

At the inner limits, the guests are committed to maintaining the sustainability of Fernando de Noronha, investing in decoration with reforestation wood, PVC decks, water conservation and rainwater harvesting, biodegradable cleaning products, energy production through of photovoltaic plates and extinction of the use of plastic straws. The 42-square-meter suites follow the same natural philosophy, featuring solar heating and eco-friendly decor blended between the wood and white tones of the Trussardi trousseau, canopy and hammocks, as well as the refined amenities of L’occitane.

During meals, the expectation is to cherish the palate with tasting experiences. In this way, the menu à la carte, relates contemporary gastronomic compositions based on ingredients found on the island with local producers, using fish, vegetables without pesticides, seasonings and fresh fruit. The pool and the view of the Morro do Pico are good reasons to stay in the hostel relaxing, however the region of Fernando de Noronha is a small world of entertainment, especially diving in a sea of ​​green and blue tones that reveals turtles , fish and stingrays.

Other mandatory excursions are the beaches of Sancho Bay, the Bay of Pigs and the Lion, the Dolphin Bay Viewpoint, to watch the dolphins-rotators, trekking to Atalaia Beach, and surfing on Padre Cacimba Beach. When you find that the charms of Noronha are running out, let yourself be surprised at the meeting of the turtles with the sea for the first time, within the actions carried out by the Tamar Project.