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Santa Catarina – Ponta dos Ganchos

Santa Catarina – Ponta dos Ganchos

Located in the city of Governador Celso Ramos, a region immersed in history, a piece of an ancient Brazil with its small fishing villages

Santa Catarina – Ponta dos Ganchos

It is a very particular feeling to be in an environment that combines details of nature in perfect harmony with a sophisticated stay. In Santa Catarina, the Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort is one of those places that motivates the chill, which awakens the uncontained smile. With one of the most beautiful views of the Costa Esmeralda, the resort has punctual luxury and invests in differentiated services to win triple A profile guests, such as its emblematic and sumptuous Esmeralda Special Bungalow, which covers 310 square meters in an integrated bedroom and living room , spa bath, dry sauna with ocean view, private gym and spectacular deck with private pool. The landscape is almost indescribable, and it is difficult to tell which area of ​​this true treasure hotel is preferred.

The contemporary luxury is printed in all spaces of the Ponta dos Ganchos and is taken to the Emerald Suite which, in 230 square meters, has an integrated bedroom and living room, a spa bath, a whirlpool with a view of the sea, a fireplace, a heated pool deck and as an extra touch, a wine cellar. More compact, the 80-square-meter Anhatomirim Bungalows are comfortable and functional, and offer a memorable stay in the spacious living room and bedrooms, and on the decks that lead to the coastal landscape. The accommodation of the resort is undoubtedly exquisite, however, an external experience has conquered couples: Ilha do Sim. There, during the summer season, weddings are held under the starlight.

The romantic climate is something that manifests in different points of Ponta dos Ganchos, which helps to keep it in the list of resorts ideal for honeymoon, renewals of vows and weddings, but if you wish only a romantic and private dinner, the Island is also perfect for the moment. In fact, when it comes to gastronomy, the enterprise conquers with the mastery of chef José Nero, who values ​​the quality of local ingredients at all hours of the day, from breakfast to natural juices, shots, yogurts and breads produced at the hotel, until dinner, when seafood and vegetable garden debut in their main roles. A menu of 240 wine labels completes the evening.

In search of the construction of instants that differentiate the stay, the Tip of the Hooks suggests classes of cooking, private picnic, tasting of oysters and grill of seafood. Another way to show the commitment of the resort to the guest is the Spa by Sisley, which in three tents overlooking the sea takes treatments that combine aromatherapy massages. Relaxing here is the natural sense, followed by the feeling of fullness.