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São Paulo – Lake Villas Exclusive Hotel & Spa

São Paulo – Lake Villas Exclusive Hotel & Spa

Lake Villas enchants with its natural beauties and breathtaking views of the lakes, the valley and the sunset

São Paulo – Lake Villas Exclusive Hotel & Spa

In State of São Paulo, the city of Amparo was chosen to receive the luxurious structure of the São Paulo Lake Villas Exclusive Hotel & Spa, which has among its main characteristics the breadth of its facilities, as well as, contact with nature practically unbelievable. In fact, it is essential to walk the tracks of the hotel to recognize the privileged space that your feet touch, after all, it is 3.5 million square meters, place for the largest private garden in Brazil, sheltered in 145 hectares, plus 12 lakes, mineral springs, waterfalls and natural pools. True temple of natural life, the São Paulo Lake Villas prides itself on maintaining harmony with the local wildlife.

If the external environment boasts grandeur, the inner face of the hotel seeks intimate sophistication, which has resulted in only eight villages, which emphasize the vibrancy of the countryside through clean decoration projects, adjusted between stone, wood and wicker. Each Villa surprises with a familiar concept, suggesting different areas where it is possible to forget the time. The Presidential Village is the chin-drop style, and in 500 square meters comprises two floors, three bedrooms and living room with two environments, in addition to the outline in glass through which you can admire the grassy fields and lakes, as well as enjoy the light of the sun. The Garden View Village is distinguished by the view of the garden, while the Valley View takes guests to the heights of a small valley – about 1000 meters high – and reveals a panorama covered with glories. The amenities are signed by Bvlgari.

São Paulo Lake Villas follows a trend in hospitality and has a biodynamic garden, allowing you to deliver vegetables, fruits, vegetables and organic spices in the restaurant Lake View, collaborating to make fresh dishes always. Another area to enjoy the external view, the restaurant bets on the contemporary gastronomy to please different palates, using fish, seafood, colorful salads, homemade pasta, steamed vegetables and light desserts. The cellar completes each moment, making them more special. In order to surround all the possibilities that lead to the well-being of the guest, São Paulo Lake Villas has a Spa that assimilates all the main treatments, such as Ayurvedic massage and hot stone massage, foot reflexology, Scottish shower, skin cleaning and shiatsu.

A few hours of silence in the meditation space, a waterfall bath or a reading by the pool can be the drop for more of the paradise climate that surrounds the stay at São Paulo Lake Villas.