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Personalized travels, luxurious experiences and the best LGBT tours for you

Travel Consulting

We create roadmaps and design trips with customer identity



We work with a selection of ideal destinations for LGBT unions<br />



A portfolio of luxury destinations and hotels for a great trip


Custom Routes

We draw scripts that combine the interests of our travelers


MHTour specializes in customizing travel experiences that are absolutely fantastic and multifaceted. With each new destination, a fabulous discovery. With each return to a beloved region, a novelty that matches your traveling style.
From the beginning of our trajectory, in 2005, our main focus is to develop itineraries that put the wishes of the traveler in the foreground, in this way, we listen to your points of interest and your predilections when traveling, and build itineraries that lead to adventure, to that unforgettable sunset, to the gastronomic flavors, to the city, to the treasures of the past time …
With the support of the best suppliers in the tourist market, we take inspiration from the many possibilities of the world, and then the first drafts of your new journey gain surprising contours. Inspiring your new dreams is our biggest challenge!
Write new stories now, MHTour invites you to the best trip of your life!